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Balanced Ergonomics WorkPace Pilot program

During 2003-2008 Balanced Ergonomics conducted a number of Pilots of the WorkPace rest break and stretch software. The pilot typically runs for 6-8 weeks. These pilots included private companies, large corporate, educational institutes and government departments both state and federal. The following results were obtained by randomly surveying 1,610 WorkPace users in Australia form 45 organisations representing a population base of 115,000 employees. Long term surveys of existing customers show these results are sustained and OOS and musculoskeletal disorders frequency and severity are dramatically reduced.


People who reported pain and discomfort from computer use prior to using WorkPace.

        57% of staff suffer pain or discomfort from using their computers

       68% of those suffering had significant improvement in their symptoms after using WorkPace for only 6 weeks

       85% recommended and wanted to continue using WorkPace

 Reported overall benefits from using WorkPace 

Less Tiredness                                 44%   

Less Eyestrain                                  54%   

Less Pain or discomfort                  50%   

Less Work stress                             28%   


Changing Habits

 Users reported

Doing more exercises                     77%

Taking more breaks                         78%

Taking more micropauses              86%


Work/rest ratios


People take more natural breaks as part of their computer usage patterns. 

Effects on productivity  

Workpace has been shown to have the following effects computer usage

        Average keystrokes increase by up to           20%

       Keyboard error rates drop by up to                  2.5%

For a copy of the full report , obtain additional information, or to arrange a pilot of WorkPace please contact Balanced Ergonomics.





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