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" Software for assuring healthy and safe computer use"

WorkPace is a rest break and exercise software solution proven to assist in the recovery and prevention of Workplace injury such as OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome), RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and/or ULD (Upper Limb Disorders). WorkPace also reduces fatigue and workplace stress. 

WorkPace contains sophisticated management, risk assessment and reporting tools.

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At Balanced Ergonomics we compared over 40 rest and stretch break software solutions. WorkPace was the only solution suitable to be used for the most demanding rehabilitation case through to non-intrusive risk mitigation. Workpace is also suitable for call centre, time critical office situations and face to face customer environments.

WorkPace is the market leader used by nearly 1 million users in 20 countries.

Such companies include 

  •     PricewaterhouseCoopers
  •     Comcare

  •     CSIRO

  •     Governor Generals Office

  •     Commonwealth Ombudsman

  •     Linklaters & Alliance

  •     Royal Sun Alliance

  •     Ernst & Young

  •     Philips

  •     AT&T

  •     Ericcson

  •     Intel

  •     ING Bank 

  •     WestpacTrust 

  •     Shell

  •     Eli Lilly 

  •     Coca-Cola Amatil

  •     Chevron

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Operating Environment 

  •     Dos
  •     Windows
  •     Unix
  •     Citrix

Key Benefits

  •     Reduces the risk of OOS/RSI, Neck and Back pain
  •     Reduces the risk of workplace fatigue
  •     Increases productivity
  •     Provides proactive risk assessment

Balanced Ergonomics offers a complementary 6 week pilot program. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of Workpace and ensure the solution is right for you. 

Will WorkPace give your organisation a benefit. View our 2003/2004 pilot results

Download a trial today. http://www.workpace.com/DOWNLOAD  installation instruction.

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