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WorkPace Information for New Users

The information contained on this page is designed to assist people new to WorkPace. We have all felt the effects of excessive computer use. Headache, Eye strain, Blurred vision, Back, Neck, Shoulder and Forearm pain. Basically we were designed to move not sit and press. WorkPace assists you by prompting you to take breaks after a period of sustained computer activity and move. The following documents will assist you in setting up and getting the best from WorkPace.

Installing a WorkPace standalone trial

This document will assist you in downloading and installing a trial version of WorkPace

What Is Workpace

This document describes the key features and how WorkPace functions.

Working with WorkPace Frequently asked Questions

This document describes solutions to common configuration and other frequently asked questions.

WorkPace Exercises 

This document lists the exercises  you will see displayed by WorkPace. If you are currently under  treatment or suffer pain or discomfort using you computer please consult your medical practitioner as to which exercises are appropriate for your condition. As with all exercise if you feel pain of discomfort stop and consult your doctor.

How to take a Micropause

This document describes how to take a micropause. The micropause is a key technique used to relieve eyestrain and muscular tension in computer users.

For further assistance regarding your deployment of WorkPace please contact your health and safety officer.

You may also contact us or email we also value your feedback.

Evolution of a WorkPace user

This document described the different stages a person new to WorkPace will go through. WorkPace is intended to help you permanently  change your work practices to minimise the risks of computer use related injuries.

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