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Rehabilitation services

Balanced Ergonomics has a team of specialist practitioners in the fields of chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry, optometry, acupuncture, naturopathy, psychology and conventional medicine who can assist in the treatment and management of workplace injuries. 

Injury and return to work Management 

Balanced Ergonomics provides injury management services in accordance with Comcare and local Workcover authority guidelines. The following services may be provided upon request, 

  •  Developing and implementing the return-to-work program

  •  Keeping injury and return-to-work statistics

  •  Developing policies to improve systems

  •  Providing information on the return-to-work process and workers  compensation benefits to injured workers

  • Determining an individual injured worker’s needs by  discussion with the worker, the nominated treating doctor and other treating practitioners

  •  Working with the insurers’ case manager to develop an injury management plan for the injured worker

  • Identifying appropriate suitable duties and assisting the injured worker to return to work as soon as possible

  •  Preparing a return-to-work plan to document suitable duties and work restrictions so that all parties are informed and managing the return-to-work process

  • Being the focal point for all contact relating to the injured  Co-ordinating and monitoring progress in treatment, rehabilitation services and return-to-work plans

  • Maintaining confidential case records.




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