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Specialised Consulting Services for Educational Institutions

Ergonomic solutions for schools

With children increasingly using computers for games, homework, research and communication, many schools are beginning to institute ergonomic programs to show students, teachers and parents how to reduce the risks of computer-related injuries. 

Balanced Ergonomic provides a full range of ergonomic services tailored to meet the specific needs of school students for early primary to senior studies.

These service include,

  •     Classroom assessments
  •     Individual workstation assessments
  •     Ergonomics training sessions
  •     Rest and stretch break software

Rest and stretch break software is recommended from an early age. Balanced Ergonomics supplies "WorkPace" the worlds leading rest break software.

Ergonomic solutions for Universities and Colleges

Tertiary students can spend intense periods of time in front of a computer, finishing assignments or researching their thesis. WorkPace software exposes students and staff alike to the importance of regular rest breaks and pauses, establishing healthy work practises for the future.


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